Racingline Billet Oil Filter Housing / Audi S4/S5 & RS4/RS5 B9

Nieuw Racingline Billet Oil Filter Housing / Audi S4/S5 & RS4/RS5 B9

Tired of staring at your cheap, brittle plastic oil filter housing every time you lift your bonnet? Us too, and that’s why we’ve come up with our beautiful billet Oil Filter Housing to replace it.

  • It’s made to match OEM dimensions right down to the original factory size hex nut.
  • The Filter Housing accepts the factory engine oil filter to maintain simplicity and keep that OEM fitment for your future oil changes.
  • A quality part means you can forget about the problems of cracked plastic housings forevermore.


  • Audi S4 (B9) 3.0 V6 TFSI 2017+
  • Audi S5 (B9) 3.0 V6 TFSI 2017+
  • Audi RS4 (B9) 2.9 V6 TFSI 2018+
  • Audi RS5 (B9) 2.9 V6 TFSI 2018+
  • Audi SQ5 (B9) 3.0 V6 TFSI 2018+

RacingLine Group is based in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom. We are a tier-1 partner to Volkswagen Group, and to many we are best known for delivering the Volkswagen Racing motorsport programme ever since 1997, out of which was born our increasingly popular Motorsport & Performance Parts range, now sold all over the world. Alongside that is our successful Events division, and our other Motorsport and Automotive Services.  But above all, we are passionate about our Volkswagen Group products, and passionate about making them go better and faster!

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  • RRP: €142,30 (incl. BTW)
  • Excl. BTW: €117,60